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Rev Barbara Leger
How to Be an Everyday Hero:

Rev. Barbara Leger is the Founder and Spiritual Leader of TEMENOS Center for Self-Realization, Ukraine which started on Sept 11th, 2001. Today she has 22 active Practitioners, teaching and leading groups in the Regional Center in Cherkasy as well as 5 other cities in the country. She also speaks, consults for Centers for Spiritual Living communities and conducts workshops in the US. Before becoming a minister, for seventeen years Rev. Barbara was a business, marketing and organizational development consultant.
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The afternoon session includes workshops at 1:30 and at 3:20  in the Social Hall and the Sanctuary. See below for the details on what will be covered.
Saturday Workshops
Saturday Afternoon - 1:30

Rev  Johanna Van Gelder
Poetry as Spiritual Practice: This workshop opens one to receive greater insights into life through interaction with sacred poetry. It is also a wonderful way to discover the beauty and power of poetry without having to be an expert. Utilizing a sacred practice of contemplating divine readings called Lectio Divina, Johanna opens you to the poetry of mystics, ancient and new, as a means to experience a divinity and connection with the texts and to apply that experience in beneficial ways to everyday living. Lectio Divina is a form of prayer that comes alive with Johanna’s easy manner and gentle guidance. Applying the technique to poetry turns the written word of saints and mystics into a vehicle to bypass the analytical mind and dive straight to a heart-felt experience. It’s one that “sticks around” and continues to inspire. Poetry as Spiritual Practice is a wonderful opportunity to open one up to experiencing a greater perspective of life, and gives us clues as to what to do next.

In the company of Gods: In mythology, heroes were often either incarnations of gods/goddesses or supported and helped by the gods and goddesses. In this workshop, you’ll connect with your own god/goddess for wisdom and guidance, as well as supporting and being supported by other gods and goddesses. This is a fun, yet deep and powerful process to access the Wisdom and Power within. Rev. David  is the Senior Minister at the Center for Spiritual Living, Olympia, Washington, having previously served As Senior Minister at Centers in Redding, CA and Lewis Clark Valley, Clarkston, Washington. Rev. David's diverse spiritual background helps him incorporate wisdom from many traditions into his work as a minister. Deep spirituality combined with joy, humor and wisdom are hallmarks of his approach.
Rev Dr Bob Deen
The Power and Practice of Sacred Circles: Whether you are talking about the Power of Eight or Circles of Trust or our own newly forming Sacred Circles, there is a dynamic and a power in small groups meeting in circles. They impact the world around them, the members impact one another, and participants experience change in themselves. Bob Deen has been developing and evolving the idea of creating circles to provide spiritual care and to transform communities through their work. If you are the leader of a circle, if you would like to become the leader of a circle, if you would simply like to be part of a circle, be sure to attend this meeting on how they can change your life.
Saturday Afternoon - 3:20
Rev David Robinson