Northwest New Thought Conference

12th Annual Northwest Conference

Enjoy the Music Videos below!!!
Our music program features some of the top artists from the New Thought Movement. They will be playing throughout the weekend and touching us with their incredible musical talents.

 Rev Andy Anderson

Lauri Jones

Taber Darland

Lauri Jones is a multi-dimensional artist with a diverse professional background, having performed in regional theatres, jazz clubs, pop and dance bands, on cruise ships, and as a back-up singer on a variety of major label recordings. She holds a Masters in Music from the Boston Conservatory.
Over the past several years, Lauri has been primarily writing and sharing music that reflects her deepening spirituality. After a wonderfully supported Kickstarter campaign in 2015, she released her first studio album in that realm ("Walk Your Life"), joining forces with partner and co-producer Eric Montgomery. They also co-produced a live collection of songs entitled "Watch Love Rise".
Lauri and Eric have enjoyed sharing their music in spiritual centers and a variety of other venues, conferences, and retreats in the greater Pacific Northwest and beyond. A new and more collaborative CD is in the works.
For more information, please visit Lauri's website at

Taber Darland brings more than 20 years of musical, performing, and leadership experience to their work as the music director at CSL-Bellingham, Washington. Their passion for creating and delivering music that is current, authentic, energetic and uplifting is evident every time they take the stage. When Taber is not leading music at Bellingham CSL, you can find them performing with their indie folk band, The Sweet Goodbyes, or facilitating Toddler and Preschool Music Classes throughout Bellingham, WA. Taber released their 5th studio recording in 2019 “There’s a Calling” which quickly gained attention throughout the nation for its heartful, inspired, and spiritually-infused songs.

Our Music Director for the event
Check out the other musicians who will be there!

Rev Kit Holmes

Rev Kit Holmes composed the theme song for last year's conference. By any measure, her musical gifts alone are extraordinary. But it is the sheer volume of her additional talents and creativity that explain the adulation she regularly receives from audiences, critics, and peers for her keynotes, classes, coaching and retreats. She has been sharing the gifts of her extraordinary mind and heart around the country since 2004. Rev. Kit is a licensed Religious Science Minister and a Certified Life Mastery Advisor who recently returned “home” to her native Michigan after a 20-year stint in the Austin, Texas music scene. The past year (summer 2021 to present) has afforded Kit what she lovingly calls a “[expletive] ton of growth opportunities” in every area of her life. You can expect new songs, albums, events, and creative collaborations to come from all of them in the near future!  You can find Kit on social media and the web:

Andy Anderson has been described as a “singer, songwriter and poet who always comes from the heart.” He composes and performs visionary, spiritual music that inspires and uplifts. Creativity flows through him as he is continually creating new music.  He and his wife Bonnie were Co-Spiritual Directors of the Center for Spiritual Living in Roseburg, OR, where he was also the Music Director and Choir Leader. They are now traveling and sharing their music and workshops across the country.
Andy not only uplifts audiences with his music, but also with his upbeat, high energy speaking style. His music deeply impacts people and appeals to all age groups from children and teens to adults. It has been referred to as “spiritual food for the soul.”
One of his greatest blessings is to inspire and wake up the world to a greater understanding of themselves through the power of his music. He brings a new awareness through which people experience shifts in consciousness that bring about transformation.