Northwest New Thought Conference

12th Annual Northwest Conference

The Best of the Northwest... and beyond!

An amazing array of New Thought Spiritual Leaders will be presenting workshops on Saturday afternoon!

Saturday, 1:30 to 3pm

 Rev Ruth Kirby -

   In the Sanctuary

 Rev Barbara Leger

    In the Social Hall

Saturday, 3:15 to 4:45pm

Rev.  Savanna Noelle 

   In the Sanctuary 

Rev Bonnie Anderson   

   In the Social Hall

We are All One in the Light –A SoulCollage Workshop

Join us as we create SoulCollage cards that celebrate the Light that we all are. SoulCollage is a sacred, transformative practice that allows our soul to speak to us through images. It is a simple process, and no artistic skill is necessary. I will supply images, cards, and all supplies needed.

Join with others as we create together – the process is fun and rewarding.

Come be UPPLifted by ‘Putting PEACE 1st’ – even when you think you have none!

Has it ever felt like it was falling apart? What if, when you felt that way, you wondered: “What if it is coming together by appearing to fall apart?” Dr. Kathy Hearn said that years ago and I have remembered it and use it when I experience that falling apart feeling. In fact, it is a great question to remind you to practice Putting PEACE 1st.

Using our own dreams, intentions, missions or life purpose we will explore how to use peace - even if we think we don’t have any, to right the situation. It is normal to have fears and doubts when we have made promise to ourselves or others. Putting PEACE 1st exchanges stress and effort in favor of 1 breath, and the next two of the key 3 steps of anchoring our attention on peace and logically keeping it there. Of course there are lots of techniques, and this one I guarantee works, when you work it. PEACE is the shared intention and operating system for a world that works for all.

Boundary Breakthrough Deep Dive!

Join Rev. Savanna in this deepening, transformational workshop where you will learn what a healthy boundary is, how to determine your needs, desires, and deal breakers, and how to effectively communicate them to others.

"Boundaries are the expectations and agreements we have with others that help us feel safe and provide clarity in our relationships. Without them, we find ourselves depleted, constantly seeking validation, and our needs unmet." -Savanna Noelle

The workshop will address:

- Types of Boundaries- What is your boundary type?

- Attachment Theory- How are you attached?

- High Functioning Codependency and Perfectionism in relationships/family

- Self-Sabotage- How much good are you willing to accept?

- How to effectively communicate and follow through on your boundaries

Improv as Spiritual Practice - In this play-filled workshop we will discover the power of improv as a path to deepening Spiritual experience. We will see how the principles that make for great improv also guide us to having a great life. Doing improv as Spiritual practice offers us:
    An increase in joy
    A reduction of fear
    A stronger ability to be in the moment and let go of the past

Rev. Ruth will lead us through a series of easy and fun improv games to illuminate the connections between Improv and Spiritual Practice. You do not need to have any previous experience with Improv to be in this workshop. Bring a curious child’s mind and an openness to laugh and play.

Rev Ruth Kirby has been a Centers for Spiritual Living Practitioner for 27 years and a Centers for Spiritual Living Minster for 19 years. She is currently a Centers for Spiritual Living online educator with the CSL home office online education team as well as an ICF Certified Life Coach offering Spiritual coaching to help individuals deepen their Spiritual practice and fall in love with their lives. In her personal life, she belongs to a performing improv troupe called Improv Alchemy which performs regularly in Ashland Oregon.